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about us:

About us:

In 1973 the United Construction Workers Association, the Alaska Cannery Workers Association, and the United Farmer Workers of Washington State established LELO as a racial and economic justice workers' rights 501c3 nonprofit organization. As an organization led by ordinary workers, we develop the leadership of those most marginalized in our society: people of color, working class women, recent immigrants and LGBTQ (lesbian/ gay/bisexual/ transgender/ queer) workers. Our social change strategy is local organizing, with emphasis on political education and solidarity networks with workers across all borders.

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Our Mission:

Our Mission:

The Legacy for Equality, Leadership and Organizing is a non-profit organization that strives to empower low-income workers of color, recent immigrants and women to assert their rights, improve their working conditions and gain a voice in their workplaces, trade unions and communities in the United States and across the globe.